I am a mod­ern inte­gra­tive super­vi­sor and ther­a­pist and like to bring cre­ativ­ity to my work and research new con­cepts to com­pli­ment my prac­tice. The BACP descrip­tion of Inte­gra­tive Ther­apy is:  “dis­tinct mod­els of coun­sel­ing and psy­chother­apy used together in a con­verg­ing way rather than in sep­a­rate pieces.”

Dur­ing my career my approach has been influ­enced from the wide range of mod­els and the­o­ries that I have stud­ied.  This long term approach to devel­op­ment is reflected in my work and has given me a vari­ety of skills, knowl­edge and tools with which to help and tutor oth­ers.  This enables me to select the right approach in accor­dance with the needs and objec­tives of the indi­vid­ual.

Ini­tial Assessment

New clients receive an ini­tial assess­ment before pro­ceed­ing.  This appoint­ment last for up to an hour to allow you to talk about what brings you to coun­selling.  It is an oppor­tu­nity to think about your dif­fi­cul­ties and con­sider what sup­port will be most help­ful for you.