Counselling & Psychotherapy

Outlined below is a brief description of some the approaches that I use:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Used to treat depression, anxiety disorders, phobias, obsessions, stress related ailments and other forms of mental disorders.


This means connecting past to present. There is an emphasis on the influence of the past and on recurring patterns of behavior and relationships.


Used to help personal growth and self-development to achieve potential, looking at the person as a whole with a holistic approach.


Working in the here and now through analysing behavior, body language, talking about bottled up feelings etc., to help gain awareness for change.

Person Centered

Offers a non-judgmental relationship between client and counselor, in which the client can explore what they need and how they can achieve their goals.


This approach is to help the person explore their meaning, value and learning to live authentically in accordance with their own ideals, priorities and values.


Used to help a person unravel areas of life, establish priorities and offer support to look at the whole of the person and not just one area.

Solution Focused

Looks at promoting positive change rather than dwelling on past problems.


This is integrated into family, marital or group work as it helps look at the whole system to bring about a change in the transactional pattern of members of a system.


Is a technique for slowing down and examining one’s thought processes and learning to be fully present in the moment.

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